CO2 is the Debt of Me
When carbon dioxide (CO2) levels become excessive, a condition known as acidosis occurs, and the body...
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3 Paths to Penury
There are at least 3 ways to get to a negative money situation – a situation where your expenses surpass...
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Sudden Impact
The insidious nature of debt is that it does not announce when it is about to create havoc or totally...
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Hidi-Ho Man, That's Me
Several years ago, I happened upon a peculiar circumstance of someone I knew personally who, at the time,...
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Dreams and Nightmares
The American Dream – “the ideal that every citizen of the United States should have an equal opportunity...
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Good Debt
Alice was a young professional with a burdensome load of debt. She wanted a better life but with all...
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Seduction and Compulsion
Seduction – something that attracts or charms. Compulsion – the action or state of forcing or being...
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