3 Paths to Penury

3 Paths to Penury

There are at least 3 ways to get to a negative money situation – a situation where your expenses surpass your income. When this happens you run the risk of ending up in a debt situation. As an excess of carbon dioxide is to your air supply so is debt to your personal money supply – it will choke the living daylights out of it! The 3 paths to this undesirable situation are:

  • insufficient income
  • unavoidable accidents
  • unbridled consumption

Insufficient income can be remedied quite simply, get more income! Work more; hustle more; create more; do more. And don’t stop until your income has overcome your expenses – and not by a little either. Of course, begging is another way to accomplish this but that takes work. Why not work without the indignity of supplicatory pleadings (begging)?

Unavoidable accidents are exactly what they are, unavoidable. Insurance is now your friend here. Either transfer that risk to a 3rd party or retain that risk by having a sufficient pool of assets (just call it “money”) that you can draw upon. Sorry folks, there isn’t a 3rd option.

Unbridled consumption. There is no cure for this beyond death – death of the habit or death of the habit maker. The only thing that is worse than this condition for your finances is debt. And of course, left to itself, unbridled consumption will lead to debt. Kill the will to engage in this thrill. Else the path you trek is a slow motion train wreck.


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